Pickasound is a collaborative music platform that allows musicians and producers to sample, remix and crowdsource musical ideas with a large community of creators. We enable artists to collaborate more efficiently by crowdsourcing musical ideas online. Users can simply upload pieces of a song, and then have others build unto it by uploading or recording their own sounds below the project "'source track’". Users can upload/record original sounds from t heir computers, or sample ideas from a community-built sample library filled with tracks that Pickasound creators have allowed others to borrow, and use as their own contributions.

Users can sample and remix musical ideas using a beat-matching algorithm that enables sounds of different speeds and pitches within a project to match instantaneously; opening the doors to a multitude of cross genre ideas.

Our unique music player design places a 'stamp' on an original owner’s uploaded/recorded tracks in the form of their profile picture, which enables us to trace all sampled and remixed content on the site back to the first user who uploaded it (the original creator), ensuring that they always receive credit for their work.


You acknowledge and agree that any and all media you upload to the tracks section is 100% your own work and that you own the copyright to such works.


The content displayed on Pickasound is owned by Pickasound and various copyright holders and is made available only for non-commercial purposes. Individual tracks from the sample library cannot be downloaded. Only projects that consist of at least 2 tracks can be downloaded after they have first been mixed down. The final work can then be downloaded by the user, or shared on Soundcloud, or other music sites where the user has a profile.

Permission to use a project containing Pickasound’s vocal music content (any tracks in the “vocals + melody’s” folder, or “vocals” folder) for commercial purposes is prohibited. This is because the majority of this content is still under a creative commons Non commercial license. Until we can verify from the rights holders whether or not they want their music to be used commercially, we cannot allow users to earn money from these works.

Should you wish to use a loop uploaded or recorded by another user for commercial purposes, it’s your own responsibility to ensure that anything this content is legally available for use. Whilst we do our best to vet any loops uploaded we cannot offer a 100% guarantee and will not be held responsible for their use.


You may NOT re-distribute any material from the community sample library of Pickasound as is on any other web site, free music site, loop or sample cd, cover mount disk, or any other format or medium without prior consent from Pickasound or the original creator of the content. For example you can’t take the loops listed here and offer them as loops on your own site.


A sampled track is a piece of music that is borrowed from another user and contributed to a project. Pickasound identifies all sampled tracks by playing 2 profile images on the tracks; one of the original creator, and the other of the sampler.

The original creators profile image remains displayed on the sampled track no matter how many times it is sampled.


For beta testing purposes; users should be aware that all content added to a project (regardless of their license) can be mixed down

If you feel that content found on Pickasound is in breach of copyright please email us at copyright@pickasound.co